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About Neverov Dental Design

When aspiring concert violinist, Geno Neverov, witnessed his mother become the casualty of a dreadful, life-altering dental restoration, he was called to forsake the conservatory to become an expert dental technician. More than 20 years and 100,000 cases later, Geno remains a passionate leader guiding his team. Together they provide stunning outcomes for dentists and their patients.
At Neverov Dental Design it’s about craft. Advanced milling and imaging technology are in the office, as well as innovative materials, but eventually the perfect fit and form require an expert’s touch. Like architecture, teeth are functional works of art. The Neverov Team members are artisans in the restorative process; the Neverov Dental Design team creates the perfect intersection of anatomy, appearance, and function.
Neverov Dental Design partners with exceptional dentists who agree that “good enough” is never good enough. Neverov Dental Design is delighted to collaborate on complicated cases and often consults directly with patients for finished work that yields years of joy, confidence and sensational smiles.

Geno Neverov CDT, President, Chief Craftsman

Geno is known as a master craftsman of crowns, bridges, and implant restorations. In 1995 he completed dental lab technician training in California and has been serving dentists and perfecting his skills ever since. His success is a result of his passion for customer service and high-quality work.
Geno takes pride in meeting the needs of each patient for the best esthetics, function, and comfort. He is a certified trainer with the Productivity Training Corporation (PTC) which is recognized around the world as the leader in dental laboratory technology.
Neverov lived in Russia until the age of 20 where he developed a love of classical music. He plays both the violin and guitar. His teaching and performance degree in classical music is what drives his perfection that translates into the dental industry today. He and his wife are parents to four children with whom he shares a love of sports and outdoors. He is an avid Blue Jackets fan and plays hockey weekly on a team of his own.
Geno is always available to discuss cases and offer advice to dentists on a wide range of procedures for both technical and clinical situations

Vlad Neverov, CDT Lead Ceramist

Vlad is a true master of the art and science of dental design. He gained his wealth of knowledge and expertise over the last 22 years through working experience. Vlad was certified in 1996 by both the National Board for Certification and Productivity Training Corporation.
Vlad’s tranquil personality makes him well suited for the fine details and challenging aspects that most dental cases present in the lab. NDD customers are of the utmost importance to Vlad, and he is inspired to provide total satisfaction to both the patients and dentists he serves.
Like his brother Geno, Vlad emigrated from Russia at a young age and has been a proud American ever since. He and his wife have three children. Vlad loves winter sports and bird hunting with his dog.

Betsy Malloy, Office Manager & Digital Tech

In addition to keeping the office running efficiently and clients happy, Betsy is very pleased to be learning to integrate her existing office duties with the office’s scanning and CAD work. Betsy views her position as the best combination of her work history & education. In 2012, she completed her Dental Technician Certification at Columbus State Community College. Before that she spent much of her early career in a variety of jobs. She managed an ice cream stand, answered phones as a receptionist, and spent lots of time filing as an administrative assistant.
You might occasionally hear Betsy refer to her goat. Goat a.k.a. John is her husband of nearly ten years. Together they share a house with their three black cats, Enoch, Honour, & Fera. In her free time, Betsy enjoys visiting family, reading novels, enjoying musical theater, and playing games (board games, card games, role playing games, etc).
“I have been using Neverov Dental Design for my crown work for approximately four years. Last year I began sending this lab my implant restorative work as well as my removable cases. They have earned my business in all facets of my practice and I even consult them regarding trends in dentistry, CAD/CAM technology, etc. In my ten years of practice I have never found a lab with such consistency in fit and esthetics. When I have other labs send me coupons I don’t hesitate to pitch them in the trash. I’ll not stray from this lab. I can’t say enough good things about Neverov Dental Design! Thanks, Geno and the team.”
Dr. Kimberly Michalak, DDS
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