Neverov Dental utilizes tried and true alloys as well as innovative materials to create crowns, bridges and implant work that fits, feels and looks superb. We are fixed prosthetics experts.

Crowns & Bridges

Emax Crown/Bridge

Full Contour or Layered

We offer either full contour crown (premolars, molars) and when fine esthetics are critical, porcelain layered anterior crowns.

The Emax crowns are hand waxed and pressed for enhanced strength and precise marginal fit. We recommended Emax for esthetic anterior restorations, full contour premolars, the second molar region, and three-unit bridges.

IPS Esthetic Laminates

Pressed or Layered

We create our veneers from Lithium Discilicate (Emax) that are pressed either full contour or with 0.5mm labial cutback and layer with Emax ceramics for beautiful, most natural results.

The full contour pressed veneers can be made to a minimum thickness of 0.3mm. Recommended for anterior region cosmetic restorations; improving shades, position and shapes of anterior teeth.

Monolithic Zirconia

Crafted of highest quality, high strength (1200 mpa) zirconia, digitally designed, and digitally milled.

Our coloring technique is done via dipping method offering superior color matching options without compromising strength. We recommended monolithic zirconia for all posterior restorations including; multiple-unit bridges, crowns over implant abutments, inlays or onlays.

We recommend modified tapered or chamfer margin preparation and bevel and feather-edge margin design, both conventionally cemented. This restoration could also be combined with layered ceramic for enhanced esthetic.

High Translucency (HT) Zirconia Crowns & Bridges

Superior aesthetic qualities combined with greater optical make it ideal for anterior full contour restorations with improved strength (803 + mpa). Its vibrant transparency will raise posterior aesthetics to new heights while offering 2x the strength of lithium discilicate crowns (emax full contour).

Recommended for single full contour crowns, both anterior and posterior inlays & onlays, 3 unit bridges, full contour or substructures for layering. Get more details about Origin materials here.

Porcelain fused to metal

Crowns and Bridges

With over 50 years of successful use, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorative options are still tried and true choices when it comes to strength and esthetics. We use hand waxed framework structures cast in metal and finished for porcelain veneering.

Recommended for a wide range of restorative choices, be it full-mouth restorations, multiple unit bridges, single crowns, or crowns over implant abutments.

We offer noble or high noble alloys for substructures and porcelain butt joints for natural looking marginal adaptation.

Full Cast Gold

Crowns, Inlays, & Onlays

According to renown dental professional Gordon J Christensen, DDS, MSD, Phd, when properly fabricated and seated, cast gold alloy restorations are still known to be the longest-lasting crown restorations.

This type of restoration is recommended for first, second molars, posterior inlays & onlays.

Alloys we offer:

Silver Palladium noble alloy

Yellow gold alloy /

White gold/ Silver Palladium High Noble

Post & Core

Post and Core is a type of restoration we offer where there is an inadequate amount of tooth tissue remaining to retain a conventional crown. Made out of noble alloy, post and core restoration provide retention for the final crown.


More Information
  • Implant supported single crowns and multiple unit bridges
  • Custom-milled implant abutments in titanium or zirconium
  • Cast-to-Gold custom abutments
  • Milled titanium bars and attachments for hybrid dentures
  • Diagnostic surgical guides

Diagnostic Wax Up

Show Models for Treatment Planning
This valuable diagnostic tool can provide an accurate visual representation to facilitate treatment planning and clear communication.
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