Utilizing modern Ivoclar IvoBase pressing technology, Neverov Dental Design presents the best in removable restorative options. Crafted using the most advanced material to ensure and enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come. We are removable prosthetics experts.

Our Removable Services include:

Full Denture

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Utilizing the latest technological advancements in processing, along with the strongest, most durable materials, our dentures provide an excellent fit, longevity, and natural-looking aesthetics. Though we offer dentures in both basic and premium options, all dentures are processed using the Ivobase Injection Process.

We offer a wide variety of tooth options. Our premium option features the Ivoclar Phonares II line of denture teeth.

Partial Removable Dentures

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We work with our dentist partners to provide great fitting and esthetically pleasing partials. Our metal frameworks are designed by a local frame artisan and completed by a highly skilled denture technician.

Bite Splints & Nightguards

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  • Astron Clear Splints
  • Hard Acrylic Deprogramming Devices
  • Vacuformed Bitesplints and Nightguards
  • Custom Fit Sports Mouthguards

Additional Removable Services

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  • Acrylic Flippers (temporary or long-term use)
  • Same-Day Relines & Repairs
  • Same-Day Base Plates & Occlusal (wax rim)
  • Metal Clasp Repairs & Welds
  • Other Denture & Partial Repairs

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