At Neverov Dental Design it’s about craftsmanship. Of course we have advanced milling and imaging technology, as well as innovative materials, but eventually the perfect fit and form require an expert’s touch. We understand that like architecture, teeth are functional works of art. The Neverov Team are artisans in the restorative process; creating the perfect intersection of anatomy, appearance, and function. We are happy to consult with you on complicated cases. We see case planning as critical to the process.

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“I have worked with Geno and Vlad on all aspects of crown, bridge and implants for more than 15 years. Their work is second to none. The precision with each step can be seen in every restoration that is seated on a patient. Crown margins are exact and the occlusion may need minimal adjustment, but more often than not, no adjustment at all. Their in-office custom shading shows a depth of esthetics that can only be matched by nature. The work is always completed on time and is very natural looking esthetics.”
Dr. Nicholas Terse
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